HaCKeD by ]DooM_TeaM_RU[

What happen to my website?

You are hacked. We now access to your web files and your personal information.

Can I recover my website?

Yes! We guarantee you can have your website back and your personal information destroyed from our system. But if you want your website you need to pay.

You only have 1 day to submit the payment. After that the price will be doubled. If you don't pay in 3 days you not recover your website forever and your personal information are stay with us.

How do I pay?

Payment in Bitcoin only. Check the current price of Bitcoin and buy some Bitcoin. Do not buy Bitcoin Cash or other crypto.

What is Bitcoin How to buy Bitcoin

You did not pay in time! Your data are now to use for public.


If you want bid for the account uplay.boss@*****.com Thomas G***s send an email to paulhayesbr@gmail.com

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